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Frank Kitts Park 

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Frank Kitts Park 06:00AM - 3 Sessions/Week - Join Now
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
$185 $159 (12 Sessions)
Frank Kitts Park 12:15pm* - 3 Sessions/Week - Join Now
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
$119 $109 (12 Sessions)
Frank Kitts Park 17:30PM - Join Now
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
$185 $159 (12 Sessions)
Frank Kitts Park 10 Sessions 6am/5:30pm 
Mixed - Valid for 8 weeks from purchase
$190 $165 (10 Sessions)
Frank Kitts Park 10 Sessions 12:15pm
Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Valid for 8 weeks from purchase
$125 $115 (10 Sessions)
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FREE (Up to 3 Sessions)
Karori West Scout Hall/Park 09:15am - 2 Sessions/Week Join Now - Starts October 30th. 7 Weeks Durations
Tuesday & Thursday 
$249 (14 sessions  plus in home consultation)

*Early Bird Prices *30 minute sessions

**25% Discount off Normal Price

PLEASE NOTE: JOIN ANYTIME - If you miss the start of a round you can join anytime. We will invoice you for a reduced amount depending on how many sessions remain. 

 *Please note: No sessions Friday November 23rd

    Have just completed my first boot camp and it was awesome! No more Monday-itis when you have fun exercise to start your day off. James certainly knows what he is doing which is a nice change! No day is ever the same and secretly look forward to finding out what fun hell he has in store for us each session.

    Arlene McMorran

    James is an excellent motivator and gives advise on form and technique whilst pushing you to your limit! He's helped me change my attitude towards fitness as a lifestyle choice rather than just a chore!

    Tessa-Rose Midgley

    Bootcamps Wellington is a great way to exercise and have a laugh at the same time. James is a great instructor always keeps you motivated and works you hard each week.

    Gayle Ritchie

    James (and Kara) are trainers 'extraordinaire' - they understand that a chap like me that's getting on in years faces a few issues and accommodate that fact - but still ensure that I get a complete workout - every time! The fact that there is a considerable range of time and session choices is also a bonus - so, if you know anybody that wants to start (or keep) looking after themselves - Boot Camps Wellington is THE place to go!

    Perry Walker

    Love these sessions. On round 7 now and am thoroughly enjoying how much stronger and fitter each round has made me. James is great to train with and fantastic at encouraging us to keep going!!

    Melanie Macdonald

    These boot camps are almost like summer fun - seriously. Who doesn't love being outside on the waterfront early in the morning on these stunning days we have been having. And who doesn't love exercising with a great group of people. No day is ever the same at Boot Camps Wellington and James always keeps us on our toes. What I love is that the programmes he creates can be done by everyone and you can push yourself as hard as you want to or are able to on any particular day. Definitely recommend!

    Cara Anderson